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Payment Gateway

NICEPAY is the most trusted online payment service provider with 6 types of payment method; Credit Card, Online Bank Transfer, Direct Debit, Convenience Store, e-Wallet and Instalment Non-Bank.

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We will send invoices directly to your customer emails and make them easier and faster payments for you.
Shorten your time by changing Manual Bills to Digital Bills.

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Discover various advantages for the ease and convenience of your payment transaction process.

NICEPAY helps to connect your business with more than 20 available online payment methods and no additional interchange fees.


Do not hesitate to contact us if there are any problems with your system. Our experienced technical team in the payment gateway field will help resolve your problem via email, Whatsapp chat or telephone within 24 × 7 hours.


One-stop solution for your payment gateway system. Easy and more stable in one system integrates easily with secured Single API for all NICEPAY payment solutions including credit card, online bank transfer, convenience store, direct debit, e-wallet and instalment non-bank.

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NICEPAY uses Active Dual System infrastructure and The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – PCI DSS Level 1, to ensure that cardholder data is always encrypted and protected so that customers can transact safely and comfortably.


What people say

Anastasia Julinurlita


"NICEPAY has been a partner that provides Payment Channel services for since 2016. NICEPAY has become a Payment Gateway that is very helpful in fulfill various needs in supporting our payment channel"

kasir pintar

“Thank you NICEPAY for providing our customers to subscribe to Kasir Pintar easily and quickly”

Rita Ahadiana

“Akulaku have used almost all of the VA Channels provided by NICEPAY since 2017, which facilitates the reconciliation process on our finance side. Users are increasingly satisfied with services that make it easy to pay bills presented by NICEPAY.”

A secure and trusted way to use payment gateway



Reached a total of approximately 1000 merchants who joined us from within and outside Indonesia.


Total Transactions

Achieved more than 90 million total transactions in 2018 with a total value of more than 27 trillion rupiah.




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