What is payment gateway?

As Indonesia grows, more people are expected to enter the online market with access to easy and cheap internet services. With fast paced penetration of credit card. Indonesia is on the on the edge to be one of the most envied nations in the technology of e-commerce era. One cannot afford to miss participating in this growing industry. Such inclusive growth opportunity is available once in a lifetime.

An online credit, debit card & internet banking processing gateway that´s a breeze to set up and get running in no time. No more waiting endlessly before you can accept payments.

1. 100% online registration.

2. Accept payments via Net banking & Credit and Debit cards.

3. All Indonesian & International MasterCard’s, VISA and JCB cards acceptable.

4. Over 15 Indonesian major banks supported for net banking

5. Easy to integrate, Intuitive dashboards and API’s.

6. Customized payment flows to wow your customers and increased transaction success rates.

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